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Truth and Love

Originally published on, December 4, 2019

Truth and Love walk hand in hand,

Down a winding trail.

The rain begins a-drizzling,

And light begins to fail.

Love and Truth walk arm in arm,

Up a mountain steep,

Looking through the creeping twilight

For a place to sleep.

As they curve around a corner -

Nearly at the top -

They discern a flickering light,

And there decide to stop.

A heavy oaken door creaks open,

And a man peers out -

Holding up a candle,

Asking, “What is this about?”

Clothed in robes from head to toe,

His face is set and thin.

Peeking past his shoulder,

They hear chanting from within:

Solemn figures step in rhythm,

And their focus such

That they scarcely see each other,

And they never touch.

Though his eyes are piercing, he has

Long gone past his youth;

“Welcome,” says the learnéd man.

“This is the house of truth.”

Gaily they come forward,

But the man puts up his hand:

“Only Truth may enter here -

I’m sure you understand.”

Truth looks at his sister, Love,

And answers soft and low:

“Anywhere that I am bound,

My sister needs must go!”

The man insists on having Truth

Join in their sacred rite;

But Truth and Love by now

Have disappeared into the night.

Love and Truth walk hand in hand,

Back down the winding slope.

Keeping close for warmth,

And wond’ring if there’s any hope.

Truth and Love approach the seashore,

Walking ‘cross the sand.

The rain gives way to moonshine

And they walk on, hand in hand.

Presently they find a house,

Tucked in among the rocks.

Together they approach the door;

Love reaches up and knocks.

Cheers and much commotion

Come erupting from inside.

A man and woman show themselves -

Their doors they open wide.

Hardly wearing anything,

Though both of them are masked -

“We’re all here to enjoy ourselves,” they say,

“No questions asked.”

Day and night they celebrate,

And relish in the game.

He holds her skin as if it’s his,

But hardly knows her name.

“Guests to cheer our hearth and home

Is all we’re dreaming of.

Please come in,” they say, all-smiles,

“This is the house of love!”

Truth and Love approach, but then

Their welcomers hold back:

“Only Love can play with us,

Or shelter in our shack.”

Love looks at her brother, Truth,

And answers soft and low:

“Anywhere that I am bound,

My brother needs must go!”

The pair insists on having Love

To add to their delight.

But Love and Truth by now

Have disappeared into the night.


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