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The Edge of the Unknown

Originally published on, December 1, 2020

The most dangerous moment In the entire journey Is when you finally reach the top:

Knees aching, Legs weak, And did you see this coming? The slope gentles out, Your feet stand upon the final step, And the view rushes up to meet you With a gaping awe – So much so, That the wind makes you feel Entirely off-balance.

You’ve been helpless, You’ve been desperate, You’ve climbed, You’ve fought, You’ve always said That this was what you wanted.

And now, Here you are: Standing, With the power to achieve, To actually succeed, To conquer. If you want it, you know just where it is.

And this is where all of your fears assault you All at once, Saying: Are you sure? Is this really what you want?

All through the climb, it wasn’t nearly this scary. I knew where I was going. The struggle actually made it easier To push on. Somehow, in the struggle, I was safe. But now that I can have it… And all I have to do is jump…

Oh god.

* * *

Photo by Lane Smith, Unsplash


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