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The Future Buddha

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Originally published on, February 3, 2019

Someday, it is said among the Buddhists, a new Buddha will be born on this earth. He abides now in the Tusita Heaven, observing all that comes to pass and awaiting his appointed time. Then in the distant future - when the Teachings are forgotten, when monks and nuns no longer walk the path in search of liberation, and when even the ancient relics of the former Buddha are collected in the holy city of Bodhgaya and burned - the almighty Brahma will call on the soul of Maitreya to be reborn one final time, to fulfill his appointed destiny to attain the great Awakening, and to lead others along the forgotten path.

"Are you ready to be born, Noble Maitreya?" he will ask.

"Yes, Lord," will be the answer.

"And are you ready to attain the highest of attainments?"

"Yes, Lord," will be the answer.

"And are you prepared to lead mankind to liberation?"

"Yes, Lord, I am prepared," will be the answer.

"Then there is one thing I must take from you, before you are reborn," shall say the almighty, the all-knowing Brahma.

"And what is that, O Lord?"

"You will not know that you are destined to become a Buddha," will say the ever-powerful, the infinitely wise.

"But Lord, how can that be?"

"It must be so," will be the answer.

"But Lord, what you are telling me in fact is that every soul is able to become a Buddha."

At this the Lord will smile compassionately, in silence.

"And Lord, what you are telling me in fact is that the only thing that keeps a soul from freedom… is self-doubt!"

“That is correct,” will be the answer.


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