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I love how the sun and the earth are, in so many ways, like lovers.

The sun penetrates the earth with light, and the earth provides the fertile ground where life springs forth. I find that there are many parallels.

And what is the sun’s role in this relationship? Only one simple thing: To shine. To be itself, whether it is seen or not. To send out its rays, to the best of its ability, even if it “doesn’t know” if they will ever be received.

I find a lot of inspiration in this.

I wonder at how many stars out in the universe have been as lucky as our sun? Some may never find a partner planet that brings their light to fruition. All they may ever do, for billions of years, is shine. Just shine.

But perhaps their ability to do that is what makes them eligible, and worthy, of love?

As a musician, I have had some fascinating experiences of playing in front of, or together with, people whom I did not entirely agree with. Doesn’t that feel strange?

I found myself looking for that connection, wanting the music to soar the way I love when it does. It was very awkward at first.

But I remember one time that I tried to say to myself: Just play. Just play yourself. Just send your own sound out, without demanding a return. And I was amazed at first that it felt natural; and soon, I was also amazed that the other musicians felt it, too, and answered with their own energy. And it was as real as anything that I had ever felt. And we met, and we merged, and we totally soared. And afterwards, I felt an affinity towards them - though “on paper”, nothing had changed. No agreements had been made. But in fact, those agreements now felt almost superficial: We had just shared a connection that was deeper than our disagreements.

When you argue, are you trying to change someone? Or are you just showing them yourself, your views, your feelings - without making demands?

I think that it is in this way of seeing each other that we might be able to really appreciate each other, side by side, and soar. Not by agreeing, per se, but by being ourselves in this shared universe, and allowing others to be themselves. Existing in the same space, enjoying each other’s presence, and making music together.

Play well :)

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