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Originally published on, January 3, 2019

The day’s events were through. The last glass had been sipped, the final song had been sung, dancers were sitting together in the warm courtyard and chatting about their favorite moments. Rosebuds still dappled the ground, leaving an enchanted trail where the bride and groom had taken their first walk together as husband and wife.

Now the two of them were hand in hand, stepping into their new bedchamber. Joyful, silent, full of expectation, both nervous, both overflowing with emotion. They stopped at the foot of their new bed, and turned to face each other. Their eyes met. His were warm; hers were playful. Slender fingers climbed up his body like a fresh vine, and tugged on the loose end of a lace.

“You have to understand,” he said softly, lifting her eyes to his. “I am a warrior. A knight. My father was a knight, his father was a knight. I will always be a fighter. You have to understand that. I will not change.”

She looked deeply into him with large eyes. “I am not asking you to change,” she said. “I’m just asking you to take off your armor.”


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