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The Levoná Ensemble combines Flamenco, Arabic, Jewish, and other musical traditions, and weaves them together with stories, both ancient and new. Five master musicians create a rich tapestry that is at once a taste of the orient, and a new creation all on its own - the kind of energy that only comes when distant cultures overlap, and celebrate their differences.

Levoná began as the band for the highly acclaimed Bay Area musical “Love Sick”, winning the Theatre Bay Area Award for Best Ensemble along with the cast in 2017.

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Love Sick went on to receive the TBA award for Best Director, and the prestigious Glickman Award for Best New Play in 2018. Audiences and critics alike praised its vibrant music as the heart of the play's energy and wide appeal. Levoná have since continued to perform as an independent group, keeping that same energy alive in both dance and concert halls.

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