" Yes, I think artists have more to give in this world

      than just a good time.

I think that there is a place of our higher selves

    that we connect to when we hear good music,

  see a beautiful picture, or witness

           a powerful performance.  

   I would love for my audience to feel

 even just a little of what I am feeling

   when I play for them…

       because I feel like a door opens

      in those moments of shared beauty,

        and we have an opportunity to see

                             into a better world. "


As things are gradually changing and we are adjusting to a new reality, I am starting to phase out some of my COVID lockdown content. I have also been blessed with some opportunities to perform - often outdoors - and I will keep my calendar updated on public performances. 

I realize that different people are living with different realities these days, so if there is something I had on my site that would still be useful to you at this time, please feel free to get in touch.

Wishing everybody health, safety, and much love!